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Welcome to my blog

This space is dedicated to capturing my raw thoughts on a variety of topics. As you know by now, authenticity is so important to me. So this blog is a space for me to capture my thoughts in the most authentic way. I hope my thoughts inspire you. I also think that something shifts inside of us, when we hear others’ insights. It elevates our own thinking.


So pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee and enjoy the reading. Keep a journal handy or your phone to capture your own thoughts and ideas. Feel free to also hop on over to social media to share your insights. I’d love to hear what they are!

I birthed Bold Curiosity in 2014. A proud owner, I stand in awe and wonder of everything I have achieved over the past 6 years. Next month I celebrate my 6-year anniversary at Bold Curiosity. When I first birthed the business, it...

I’m constantly amazed and deeply curious about the power of silence. I’ve seen how silence creates discomfort or tension in a situation. The silence that comes when a person is thinking and on the verge of an insight. ...