About Bold Curiosity

About Bold Curiosity

Hi, I’m Celeste. I’m an ambassador for curiosity and a learning strategist

I believe people have the potential to be absolutely amazing. If I had listened to a teacher at school, I would never have gone to university, never risen to a leadership position and never started my own business. Was that drive always inside of me? Absolutely! But words are incredibly powerful and I’ve recognised that on my own journey. And so, unlike my highschool teacher, I’ve decided to be very deliberate about giving people a sense of hope and excitement through the work I do.


Matched to this hope are very practical learning skills and strategies people can use to pursue any goal and dream they’ve set out for themselves. I’m happy that through my business, Bold Curiosity, I can set up learning experiences that make people confident to take on any experience, learn any skill and grow their personal confidence along the way. The magic happens in the learning, unlearning and relearning. Welcome!

Learning Blueprint

The Learning Blueprint

The WEF (World Economic Forum) lists analytical thinking, active learning and critical thinking amongst the 10 growing skills required for 2022. But HOW do you grow these skills for yourself or your employees? Chat to us as we have the tools, frameworks and expertise to help you grow and nurture these skills across your organisation.