Learning from each other despite the generational differences

Learning from each other despite the generational differences

We often see a clear generational divide between people and their approaches to life and situations. Where one generation might have had to get used to technology, another has never known life without it, thus each one possesses its own unique perspectives about life and how they navigate it.

While we often get caught up in the narrative that generations are so different, I want to explore and get curious about we can learn from each other and how we can form connections despite our differences because that’s where the magic and the beauty lay.

Similarly, in the workplace, we have older and younger people working together side by side. And while age diversity in the workplace can be challenging, there is so much that older and younger generations can learn from each other. Workforces are now multi-generational with many older generations working later than the retirement age and millennials making up a large part of the workforce. So how can these generations learn from one another?

Share the knowledge and insights


Older team members are a wealth of knowledge and experience, so they can share that with the younger generation and show them the tips and tricks of the jobs through mentorship or through conversations.

Engage your curiosity to learn and build relationships


If you’re a younger person engaging with someone older, there is so much you can learn! Ask questions, be keen to hear their story, show interest, and thank them for their time. Usually, if people see that you are genuinely interested they are willing to share and make time to teach and advise you.

Fresh perspective


On the flip side, younger team members may offer a fresher perspective, new ways of doing things and be more up-to-date on current trends and technologies.

“Each one teach one”


A multi-generational workforce can be a really strong one if all parties are open to engaging and learning from one another.

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