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Meaningful Learning Experiences

Welcome to our virtual space here at Bold Curiosity. We are so happy that your curiosity has led you here. Bold Curiosity is a leadership development consultancy with over 20 years of experience in our field. We understand adult learning and are driven to making an impact by supporting you and your organisation with the right learning solutions. Partnerships are essential to us as we are a relationship-driven organisation. Our mantra is “meaningful learning experiences” and this is the heart of everything we do!


We’ve seen how powerful it is when people unlock their potential through empowering learning experiences. And so, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to do this through our daily work. Teaching others the gift of independent thinking is the best way to prepare learners and organisations for the ever-changing world.

What We Believe

The best gift you can give someone, is the gift of independent thinking. Everything else flows from that.

Spark Curiosity

Curiosity, the springboard to finding out more about the world, is so important. It sets in action a process of thinking and learning that has immense value beyond the information that is learnt. We welcome and nurture this curiosity with our clients and learners.

Learning Techniques

How do you manage in an ever changing world? By fostering a culture of lifelong learning, equipping staff to learn and role modelling ongoing learning through your leadership teams. We provide people with a learning blueprint that instil a love and confidence of learning. We also show organisations how autonomous people are valuable to their business.

Thinking Spaces

Our thoughts form the basis of everything we do. Absolutely everything! Through our HBDI and Time to Think accreditation, we nurture and encourage independent thinking that sets people up for growth and success.


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