Why am I so fascinated with curiosity?

Why am I so fascinated with curiosity?

Why am I so fascinated with curiosity?

I thought about this question many times, and for me, the why begins on a very personal note.

As far as I can recall, I’ve always been a deeply curious person. My mind was always occupied with a question. I love that moment when a question ‘appears’ in your mind. Beyond the question crystalising in your mind, I also love the thinking journey you go on, as a result of the question.

The joy is in the exploration as much as it is in solving the question and finding the answer.

As far as I can recall, I know that I’ve always held at least one lingering question in my mind. The question I am entertaining at any given point might be about something I am exploring. It could also be a different way of thinking about something, that I haven’t explored yet.

Nonetheless, I’m delighted to entertain it mentally. Sometimes the question dancing around in my mind is a minor one that lingers for a short period. Other questions have lingered in my mind for years.

The ‘irritation’ I feel about not having the answer then becomes the driver. It opens my world to the possibility of learning. I love the exhilaration that comes with curiosity, the way it opens your mind to thinking about something differently and to exploring different possibilities. All these scenarios means that ultimately you learn. There is almost a natural evolution that happens as one learns due to curiosity. Even if you revert to or settle on the answer you had before, I’m willing to bet that you’ve still grown as a person as a result of the thinking and exploring you’ve done.

I’m curious about you. Why are you curious? What drives your curiosity? Please share in the comments below. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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