Welcome to the working world

Welcome to the working world

Welcome to the working world, graduates of 2022. I know this time is very exciting, daunting and exhilarating. You are probably looking at everything you need to learn ahead of you and wondering how on earth you’re going to take this all in.

Entering the working world is one of the biggest transitions you will make. It’s certainly not the only transition you’ll ever make but it’s one of the biggest transitions you will make. I know you want to settle in, understand everything very quickly and add value from the word go. But you need to make full use of the time to learn before you can fly! As much as there is a sense of trying to rush through the learning phase so that you can settle in and add value like the other employees, I want to encourage you to use this time. Remember, that everyone is fully aware of the fact that you are new to the world of work and that you will need time to find your feet. So, use this time to learn. Ask all the questions you can think of. Find the people who are patient with your questions because curiosity and judgement really don’t go well together (see my blog post on that topic).

Maybe you have been appointed a buddy, mentor, helpful line manager. Or maybe not. Maybe there is a structured graduate programme or maybe not. Either way, you need to navigate these unchartered times. And so, this is the time to embrace your curiosity. Your curiosity can serve as both a compass and a toolbox. Ask questions, be inquisitive, explore, inspect, unpack. Use the time now to do so. In the next blog post, we will share some useful practical questions you can ask on this journey.

Well done on getting to this point. We are here for you. We support you.

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