The Journey to insight

The Journey to insight

Here at Bold Curiosity, we love getting many of our insights while sitting on the shore admiring the ocean. The day this insight found us, the horizon ahead was filled with mist and fog, so much so, that you’d find it hard to believe that a vast ocean lay ahead. This got us thinking about the journey of learning and how the uncertainty and not-so-clear vision of an end goal, can feel like we’re stuck in a cloud of fog.

The feeling of being unable to see ahead of you can bring up thoughts of insecurity and have you doubting whether you can reach your end goal, whatever that goal may be. But we have to remind ourselves to keep going because just as the sun and wind eventually clear the mist and fog, our vision will too eventually become more clear.

In order to reach a state of clarity, we need to trust that we will get there. So, we have to do the groundwork and go through the necessary steps of honouring our learning journey. And when the time is right, the mental fog will clear, allowing us to finally see that end goal and our vast possibilities.

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