Taking a moment to pause and reflect

Taking a moment to pause and reflect

Ask anyone whom I know and anyone that I work with. They will tell you how much I value reflection and how I create space for reflection in all of my learning engagements which I facilitate. It’s like one of the cornerstones of Bold Curiosity. I might have even considered doing a PhD on how we can make reflection exciting in a quest to drive a culture of reflection within our homes, schools and workplaces. Other than curiosity, reflection is another topic I am so interested in.

On that note, I thought now is a good time to reflect on the project and movement that is #boldcuriosity365. It started on 1 January 2022 and my commitment is to post daily on the topic of curiosity. 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday. Eek! My intention with the project is that it should start an important conversation around igniting curiosity. 66 Days into the initiative, I thought I would share some of my reflective learning insights as I contemplate how far I’ve come since the beginning of the year. Also, I’d like to self-promote right here and now, and say how incredibly proud I am of myself for taking on this project. Truly, from me to me – you rock babe.

It gives me great pleasure to sit back and reflect on my favourite topic – curiosity. Here are some of my musings as the custodian of this project:

  • Curiosity is exciting – it’s so much fun to unpack the essential elements of curiosity and share my thinking with you.
  • Curiosity is stretching – when I don’t know something, I like to jump in and learn as much as a I can. I also think I’d be a hypocrite if I’m out here telling everyone to use their curiosity to drive their learning when I can’t do the same. There have been a number of things I’ve had to learn thus far and inviting my curiosity has definitely opened me up to more learning which has made the stretch tasks feel more bearable.
  • Curiosity is vulnerability – I have shared some very real and raw data with you. At times I’ve thought “what are you doing, Celeste? That’s way too personal!”. But I think so much of what we do in life IS personal. Curiosity is certainly very personal to me.
  • Curiosity means embracing an element of fear all the time – pushing into unchartered territory means that I’ve had to learn to sit with fear and work with it, instead of waiting for fear to leave so I can move on with my life. Fear is that friend that doesn’t want to leave, even after you have dropped all the hints in the world and are literally falling asleep on the couch, haha! Starting this project has definitely opened up multiple cans of worms for me around fear of being judged, fear of not being able to keep up, fear of failure etc.
  • Curiosity helps you connect with the people you’re meant to serve – this statement is inspired by Tara Mohr and her book “Playing Big”. Curiosity means connecting with you, the audience I engage with. Curiosity is me presenting some of my thoughts and ideas and watching how you will respond to it. There is an intimacy there, a vulnerability.
  • Curiosity is gratitude – so many people have contacted me and enjoyed the questions I have crafted through this initiative. Every time I receive an email, LinkedIn notification etc., it warms my heart. Your words of encouragement have been like fuel in my tank. Thank you!
  • Curiosity can be nerve-wrecking – I’ve shared some content that I thought would go viral but there have been crickets. Nothing. Nada. I’ve had to sit in that silence and learn to trust myself. Also, that silence teaches you to keep at it, keep chipping away and learn to trust your inner drive and inner voice. I reckon it builds confidence. The kind of confidence that makes you unshakable to the core.
  • Curiosity builds deep conversations – I was chatting to my husband last week about the project and my moments of doubt. Shane is an amazing thinking partner. He holds impeccable space, he honestly does. I gained so many valuable insights by having that open, honest, raw conversation with him.
  • Curiosity is fire – this project has just cemented my love for curiosity and my passion to ignite the curiosity in every human being I meet.
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