Meet my first lime

Meet my first lime

I can’t tell you how incredibly proud I am of this produce.

My lime tree was a gift from my mom a few months back. I remember how excited I was when we first received the tree. The tree was filled with tiny limes that were going to grow into the size that I could harvest. Shortly after the tree arrived though, all the tiny limes fell off the tree. I was gutted! And I was angry. I wanted answers. What the hell was happening and why was my baby losing all her limes? We did nothing but care for her (said lime tree), ensure she has the best spot on the stoep for her fix of sunshine and gave her all the nutrients she needed. We ticked all the boxes. Damn!

Then, after what appeared to be a short period, new limes start appearing. At first, I was skeptical. Were they all going to fall off again? The good news is that they stuck around (literally), withstood the hectic wind and scorching sun. And they grew and grew and grew.

Today, 15 March 2022, I harvested my very first lime. I was so proud. After having a really shitty two days and committing to not writing a blog post today, I was struck by how my lime tree presented me with a fantastic point to anchor my musings and reflection about curiosity today. Here is what my lime tree taught me:

Trust the process. When my lime tree went through its initial shedding period, I thought that was the end. But it was part of the process. Sometimes we have to lose what we have, in order to refocus us. We need to learn to trust the process. And believe that there is so much that is happening and brewing, even if we can’t see it.

Feed your curiosity. Just like the lime tree received all the nourishment and grooming from my husband with his green fingers, you have to feed your curiosity. Read, explore how others engage their curiosity, look to your role models.

When you start to yield the benefits of being curious, you will truly love the moment. You’ll feel your chest swelling with pride. You will take up space as your confidence grows. Cutting my first lime was a special moment. And it happened on a day that I truly needed an injection of joy. Who knew that a sour lime would make me incredibly happy 

Sometimes curiosity may appear to be doing nothing. It may seem dormant. Trust the thinker and create space for the curiosity to emerge when it is ready. Curiosity has its own timing.

That’s it from me. Thank you, beautiful lime tree, for giving me produce and for being the silver lining.

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