Is A Morning Routine The Key To A More Productive Day?

Is A Morning Routine The Key To A More Productive Day?

Many of us do a 9-5 but a new trend on TikTok begs the question: what are you doing from 5 to 9? The trend shows mainly Millenials and Gen Z-ers waking up at 5 am, working out, meditating, having a nourishing breakfast and then getting ready for their workday. And while this may sound like a lot, especially when you have children, need to take public transport or are just too exhausted to miss out on a few extra hours of sleep, perhaps having a full morning routine could be the answer to setting yourself up for success. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Sets you up for the day

We’ve all been there; you wake up super sluggish and just can’t seem to shake that feeling for the rest of the day. Well, a morning routine is said to set the tone for your day and allow you to be more grounded and intentional about how you would like your day to go. It gets you in the right frame of mind so that even when you hit the morning traffic, your feelings for the day won’t be shaken up. You’ll hopefully go about your day less stressed which will help you be more productive. 

Increases productivity

Our brains are most productive at different times of the day, so if you tend to be a night owl, a morning routine could help you train your brain to be most productive during the day. And if your brain is most productive during the day, a morning routine can help hone that focus and encourage you to be more intentional with your actions. Starting the day focused on getting things done will help you to maintain that productivity and hopefully increase your overall efficiency. 

Boost your energy levels

Many hate the mornings because it’s when they have the least energy. Establishing a morning routine will help you train your mind and body to actually be awake when you need to be. You will have to go through a few days of tiredness before the habit kicks in but you will eventually start to feel better and ready to take on anything the day throws at you.  

Habits you can add to your morning routine


Take 10-15 minutes to write down some thoughts. This could be how you’re currently feeling, a list of things you’d like to get done for the day or things you are grateful for. 

Take a cold plunge or shower

Taking a plunge into cold water or having a cold shower is said to increase your energy levels, increase endorphins and blood circulation, help improve metabolism and could possibly fight off the common cold or flu.

Consume inspiring content

Start your day with some positive affirmations or listen to an encouraging podcast to help you reframe your mind to see the good and improve how you see yourself. 

Meditation and yoga

Incorporating mindfulness into your morning will help you feel more grounded and less stressed.

Leave the phone alone

The idea behind not touching your phone first thing in the morning is that you shouldn’t start the day consumed by the thoughts of others, news about the world or looking at work emails. Before conquering the world, you need to get your mind ready and steady then you can interact with what is happening around you. 

There’s no question that having a morning routine can help you to be more productive and less stressed but unlike the TikTok trend suggests, the routine doesn’t have to be aesthetic or something extravagant. Your morning should simply be about you before you need to take care of everyone and everything else.

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As always, we love hearing from you, please let us know in the comments if you have a morning routine or if it’s something you would like to start. 

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