How to Set Goals for 2023

How to Set Goals for 2023

As we close the last month of 2022, it’s time to prepare yourself for the new year and what you plan to do to make the most out of it. New Year’s resolutions are great but setting personal goals is even better as you can focus on what you really want and how you would like 2023 to go. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about how to go about planning your goals, here are some tips on how to do just that!

Know what a SMART goal is

Typically a goal is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timebound:

  • Specific: The goal is clearly defined 
  • Measurable: It should be easy to track and quantify
  • Achievable: Your goal should be realistic and achievable
  • Relevant: The goal should be important to you and your overreaching intentions
  • Time-bound: There should be a start and end date

For example, as a small business, your goal is to grow your social media engagement and followers by 10% in 6 months. Your goal is specific, it’s measurable as you can use analytics to track the goal, the time frame is achievable and it’s relevant as you are an entrepreneur. Once you define a SMART goal, you can set yourself up for success by making the plans needed to achieve your goal. 

Think about your vision for the future

When thinking about your goal, spend some time thinking about what you would like your future to look like. Why is this goal important to you? Are you willing to make sacrifices for this goal? How would this goal bring you closer to what you want for yourself? Once you know your whys, you can figure out your short and long-term goals and how you want them to work for you. 

Put pen to paper

Once you’ve clearly defined your goals, make them tangible by either writing them down or creating a vision board. Placing your goals somewhere you can see them every day will help you stick to them and continue working toward them even when the going gets tough. 

Put them into action

Okay, goals are set and defined, they’re somewhere visible and now is the time to make them into a reality. Create an action plan for your goals so you know how you can successfully get where you hope to be. 

Achieving your goals can take time and might not go the way you plan, and that’s okay. Remember to be kind to yourself during your journey and make room for being flexible, what you want today might not be what you want in six months’ time, and that’s okay too. Be resilient in the things you want for yourself even when those things and you may change. We wish you a prosperous new year, may all that you hope for yourself become a reality. 

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