How to remain focused during times of chaos

How to remain focused during times of chaos

The current stage of darkness has left many of us feeling, well, left in the dark. It’s understandable that many of us would feel unmotivated and frustrated due to loadshedding but it’s essential that we don’t allow this to derail us from our goals and plans. Here are 5 reminders to help you stay focused and prevent the light within you from going out too. 

Find a way to focus

It’s so easy to get stuck in the conversations around the current situation and feel as if it won’t get better but allowing ourselves to get consumed by the feelings will ultimately make us lose sight of our goals. Find a way to still focus on your goals by perhaps writing down your daily task that you’re organised around your loadshedding schedule. Ensure that your devices are charged or that you have a plan when your electricity goes out so that your work day, projects and goals don’t completely come to a standstill.

Discern what you consume

When we’re feeling demotivated, it can be so easy to get swept up in discussions around what is causing our frustrations but this will only cause us further to feel dread and despair. You must be willing to miss out on some convos if it means missing out on the negativity.

Be intentional

Be intentional about everything. Whether it’s your goals, who you speak to, what you choose to focus on, or what you consume, you need to be intentional about it. Being intentional means that you get clear about what is important to you and take the necessary actions and steps to stay true to those values, no matter what. 

Practise gratitude

It’s incredibly hard to focus on the good things when we’re frustrated but I like to take some time during my day to intentionally look at what I am grateful for and allow myself to feel some goodness in all this chaos. 

Reach out when you need help

Be sure to chat with people if you need to vent your frustrations. Taking to someone that you trust will help you the consuming feelings off your chest and can be a cathartic experience. 


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