Curiosity and trust

Curiosity and trust

They go together like twins. Typing this, I’m slightly tickled that this was such an aha moment for me. Part of me feels like this shouldn’t be a big deal. But it was a massive aha moment. Don’t you love it when that happens – the insight feels so powerful and at the same time, you know that you knew this all along? Well, this was one such moment for me.

It was a big aha moment. The research respondents have very clearly spoken about how important it is for there to be trust in a relationship and how this trust in turn fosters curiosity.

But it’s actually spot on. I clearly remember the adults who, on my journey, have created this trust in our relationship and the trust then created that psychological safety for me to ask my questions.

Why does this matter though?

Well, one thing I’ve learnt is that a question can sometimes surface and still need further fine-tuning. Have you ever expressed yourself but felt your question wasn’t quite there yet? Like you’re not able to get the information you need to close the gap and it’s because your question isn’t formulated to the point where it can achieve this?

That work, fine-tuning, iteration, requires trust.
Not guilt, not shame, not negative stress, but trust.

So, think about how you can build trust in your daily engagements. You never know how through building trust you can help someone connect to their best questions and ultimately, their best thinking.

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