7 Ways To Be More Curious And Creative

7 Ways To Be More Curious And Creative

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like you’re not a naturally creative or curious person or that perhaps you’ve lost touch with that part of yourself. While the stressors of life can leave us feeling uninspired, uncreative or blocked, they can never take away the fact that we were born to be curious and creative, in fact, we’re wired for it. The brain has three networks that are responsible for creativity: the executive attention network is responsible for holding onto information, maintaining strategies and helping us think more out of the box. The imagination network is responsible for imagination and daydreaming, our compassion, and planning future goals. And the salience network is responsible for marking information as interesting or not and delivering kept info to the other networks. So as you can see, we’re hardwired to be creative, so all we sometimes need is to connect deeper with our curious and creative nature. Here are seven tips to help you enhance your skills and be more curious and creative.

Follow your interests

When something piques your interest or you get a desire to know or learn, follow that feeling. You might find that your interests are something that you’ve never tried before and that can scary but there may be a reason our subconscious mind is pushing us to try it. Trust your instinct and see where it may take you.

Find inspiration in others

Asking others to look over your work, bouncing ideas off them or just having a conversation about your interests can help you gain insights you didn’t have before. Sometimes we are unable to look at our work critically or expand our thinking around it, so chatting to a mentor, friend or trusted colleague can be the thing to elevate your ideas or push you into action.

Spend time in the real world

In a time where information is available at our fingertips, finding the answers we seek is easier than ever. But stepping away from our phones and computers may enable us to encounter information in a new way. Next time you want to engage with your curiosity, try learning from a book or sources you wouldn’t usually try.

Ask the questions

No one wants to look ‘stupid’ but when it comes to curiosity, there are no dumb questions. So if there’s something you need or want to know, work up the courage to ask or you’ll risk missing out on valuable info.

You can have more than one interest

People are always looking for their niche but curiosity and creativity often lay beyond just one area of knowledge. For us to be more creative and curious, we should diversify our fields of knowledge and interest, making use of all resources available to us.

Leave room for mysteries

It’s easy to be fixated on your end goal but when the ending is the only thing you have in mind, you can overlook the not-so-obvious things that come your way. The things that are less obvious can help change your perspective, give you new insights or be an added spark of creativity, don’t be afraid to think beyond your set plan.

Change things up

If you find yourself unable to connect to your creativity and curiosity, try something new. Rearranging your desk, changing the scenery, trying a new art medium or breaking the routine, gives your body and mind something new to do which can help you feel more open to learning and being creative.

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