5 Tips On How To Minimise Distractions and Remain Focused

5 Tips On How To Minimise Distractions and Remain Focused

We’ve all been there, your to-do list is getting long but your worry list is longer. You have so much to do but absolutely no motivation to do it. And when we’re feeling stressed, our productivity tends to take a hit and when tend to get distracted a lot more easily. You can’t control all the things that may come your way but when you feel yourself getting distracted and not doing as much as you hope, here are five tips that can help you remain or regain your focus.

Remind yourself of your goals

Pinpointing why you need to stay focused can be a great starting place for minimising your distractions. If you know your ‘why’, you might be more likely to push through the temptations that will arise when working towards your goals. Put this into practice by writing down your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly goals to help you see what you are aspiring towards.

Plan your day

At night or in the morning, take some time to plan out your day and all the tasks that need to be done. You could have 3 top activities that must be done for that day and plan everything else around that.

Put down the phone!

With Instagram, Tiktok and everything in between, it’s easier than ever to get distracted. So when trying to focus on the task at hand, ensure that your phone is either in the next room or out of immediate reach. There are even apps that can redirect your away from your tempting apps to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of unproductivity.

Be realistic

When looking at what you need to do for the day or week, be realistic about what you can actually get done and fully focus on. This way you are able to manage your expectations and that of the people you work with thus minimising that need to procrastinate when things get too much.

Take care of yourself

You can’t expect yourself to focus on your goals and the things you want to do if you’re not taking care of yourself. Ensure that you’re getting enough sleep, eating well, staying hydrated and moving your body to fully optimise your focus.

Distractions are normal and so is having different levels of productivity each day, so be sure to be kind to yourself when you find that you can’t get as much done as you hope. Listen to your mind and body and give it what it needs, often times when we are distracted or unproductive there is something that may be keeping us back. Try these tips, go for walk and check in with yourself, you’ll get where you need to be.


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